Whisky Review #115 Kilkerran ‘Work in Progress 2′ 46%

klkob_non2This is the second WIP bottling from Glengyle distillery, a 6 year old malt, that was released june 2010.

On the nose: Salt, a bit spicy, big peaty notes – not a lot of smoke though. Very “Springbanky”. Getting oranges/orangejuice and cloves now, as well as wood and green olives. More herbs with water, icy mint and rocket salad. A bit vegetal.

On the palate: Tingly wood spices, herbs, salty peat here as well.. a little earthy. More minerals with water, smoothens it out a bit. The finish is a bit drying with some lemon and peppery wood.

Decent stuff! I mostly use this whisky as a starter, before drinking heavier and more complex whiskies, to warm up the palate. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad whisky on it’s own though, I quite like it to be honest.

81/100 points

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Whisky Review #114 SMWS 125.66 ‘Fruity sweetness and floral perfumes’ 59.7%

Distilled the 23 of january 1996, thisbilde 2 SMWS bottling is a 6 year old Glenmorangie that was drawn from a 1st fill bourbon cask that gave in total 249 bottles.

On the nose: Oh, it’s ‘morangie allright. Fresh and sweet initially, with hints of pears. Floral and summery. Lemon sorbet and vanilla(creme brulee, panacotta ect.). Fantastic! More and more vanilla coming through when given time. Grassier and more herbal notes with water.

On the palate: The ABV is a bit numbing. Not superbig on flavours either, but it is fruity and citric. More and more so, after a while. Pretty similar to the Original OB, only on steroids. Adding a drop of water reveals that it’s quite a young whisky we’re talking about. Some harshness in the background, still fruity though. Finish: Sweet, yet with a hint of bitter grass/herbs.

Believe it or not, this is best without water – even at almost 60%. I absolutely adore the nose on this one, it’s perfect. But tastewise it’s a little dull and could definately use a few extra years in the cask.

85/100 points

(Thanks to Johan!)

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Whisky Review #112 Laphroaig 7yo ‘Dr.Jekyll’s Expression’ 54.5%

Another Laphroaig now. This is a quite rare bottlinglapp from this distillery as it’s exclusively bottled for Dr.Jekylls pub in Oslo. It’s matured 4 years in an ex-bourbon barrel and then another 3 years in a Pedro Ximenez hogshead from warehouse 9.

On the nose: Smoky and medicinal. Redwine, dark berries, menthol, winegums, seasalt and loads of peat. More smoke and a hint of licoris with water.

On the palate: Heavy and dry peatsmoke. Burnt fish on a bonfire, still very salt and medicinal with a hint of seaweed. More salt and tobacco with water. A hint of sweetness in the finish, some toffee and smoky seaweed.

Classic Laphroaig with a drier feel to the palate than usual and a more prominent sherry note on the nose. All good stuff.

87/100 points

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Whisky Review #111 Bulleit Kentucky Straight Bourbon 40%

brbon_bul1Time for some American spirit again, this time from the Four Roses distillery.

On the nose: Toffee.. no, artificial toffee. Glue, thick maplesyrup, corn on the cob covered in butter, fir, gingerbread, milkchocolate and coconuts. Loads of coconuts actually. Water brings out icing sugar, fructose and ‘vannbakkels’. Some of the gluey and artificial notes disappears as well..

On the palate: Still a little artificial, I think. Getting baked red apples and cardamom. More coconuts with water. Finish: Superglue, toffee and more superglue. It’s throwing me a bit off, to be honest.

Not a super good experience, but not a super bad experience either. A very mediocre bourbon in my opinion. Not a big fan of glue in my whiskey, though.

77/100 points

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Whisky Review #110 Arran 10yo 46%

Now onto the youngest malt in Arran’s core range.arrob_10yov1

On the nose: Seasalt, citrus, honey and oystersauce/noodles(!?). Quite Delicious though. Oranges and raisins coming through after a while. Water brings out leather, dust and gooseberries. Lovely nose this.

On the palate: Salt and citric, sweet and a bit spicy. A little rough in the edges, but nothing to worry about. Fruity earth and peat after a while. Pretty simple, not a whole lot going on here. More fruityness with water. The finish is this whisky’s weakness in my opinion, allthough it has good attributes as well, I think it’s a bit rough and young tasting. Quite bitter when given time.. like bitter lemonade.

Lovely nose on this one, but palate- and finishwise there’s plenty of room for improvement. I also believe I’ve tried better bottles/batches of this whisky before.

83/100 points

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Whisky Review #109 Rosebank 21yo for TWE(Retro Label) 48%

rbktwe21yoThis Rosebank was bottled by Specialty Drinks for The Whisky Exchange and was drawn from a single bourbon cask  before being bottled at a fairly decent strength – 48abv. It bears a prettty cool looking retro label as well, inspired by yesteryears whisky design..

On the nose: Sweet and refreshing. Vanilla, sugar, cinnamon, sawdust and a little wet hay. More flowers with water as well as perfume. Fresh acidic and green fruity notes after some time in the glass.

On the palate: Sweet green and herbal. Light and easygoing With hints of sugarcoated breakfast cereals. A bit waxy in the mouth. Water opens up for summery hints like flowers and sweet grass. It’s all finished off with more savoury cereals and green deliciousness.

A very typical Rosebank as far as my experience goes. Very good, but no lifechanger.

Best without water added.

86/100 points

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Whisky Review #108 Yamazaki 18yo 43%

japan_yam2Now onto a standard bottling from Yamazaki distillery. This particular 18 year old bottling has won dozens of awards over the years, so I’m quite eager to see what all the fuss is about.

On the nose: Rich and acidic, fruity pipetobacco, cardamom, oranges, green apples, lemonoil and furniture polish. Water makes it more oaky and ashy with a hint of barbequed bananas.

On the palate: Oranges, tobacco, brown sugar, wine gums with dark and thick fruit notes. More malt and sour notes with water. Finishwise I’m getting tobacco again as well as rounded citrus and earth.

A lovely sherried Japanese this, but not in the traditional way. The sherry is greener in a way and not as syrupy and heavy as you would find in a lot of sherried malts from Scotland.

87/100 points

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Whisky Review #107 Nikka Whisky From The Barrel 51.4%

japan_nik10Time for some blended Japanese whisky. Whisky from the Barrel is a blend of grain whisky from Miyagikyo distillery and malt whisky from Yoichi distillery. The whisky is then married together in firstfill bourbon casks and bottled at cask strength.

Batch: 22B52B.

On the nose: Spicy(cinnamon and pepper), red apples and sweet toffee. With water I’m getting coconuts and sweet cereals. Very decent stuff so far.

On the palate: Juicy! It’s like a very juicy blended scotch.. only on steroids. Sweet and full, some pepper here as well. Water brings out honey and the bourbon becomes more prominent. The finish is sweet and spicy, quite long and very delicious.

Fantastic whisky – especially the palate and finish, once a drop of water is added. I think this is my favourite blended whisky..

89/100 points

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Tasting three nordic IPA’s.

A few IPA’s now, just because…

20131102_152159CAP Exciter IPA 6%

Appearence: Pilsner

Nose: fresh hops, pineneedles, and resin. Straightforward and refreshing stuff.

Palate: BIG fresh hops. Slightly sweet with a hint of pinecones. A light and easygoing IPA with a very prominent hoppyness. If you’ve ever chewed on raw hops during a brewing session ect, I think that’ll give you a good idea of what the taste and finish of this one is like.

Haandbryggeriet ‘Fyr og Flamme IPA’ 6.5% Batch:573

Appearence: Cloudy, dark/brown orange.20131102_152214

Nose: Fruity hops, sweet and floral.

Palate: Rich yet balanced hoppyness with a loads of flowers and oranges. A hint of cool menthol in the background.

This is a heavier IPA than your avarage IPA. It’s almost like a meal in itself with all its rich flavours and mouthfeel. You definately can’t drink a lot of this in one go.. which is a good thing I guess.

Nøgne Ø ‘Two Captains’ Double IPA 8.5% Batch 970

There’s actually kind20131102_152247 of a cool story behind this one. The winner of Norwegian Homebrewing Championship 2010, won the opportunity to brew his beer commercially at Nøgne Ø’s brewery in Grimstad. And this is the result – an imperial IPA at a flaming 8.5% brewed according to the original recipe from the winner himself – Jan Halvor Fjeld.

Appearence: Dark, dark orange.

Nose: Hops, fruits, nuts and hay.

Palate: Fresh and fruity with hops and sawdust. Quite drying after a while with a hint of toffee. Delicious.

This is my favourite of the three. It is a richly flavoured IPA with good depth, but it’s also a very refreshing IPA with a crisp and clean hoppyness. Lovely!

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Whisky Review #106 Glen Ord 25yo 58.3%

glenordNow onto an OB from Glen Ord distillery in the highlands. Distilled: 1978, bottled: 2004.

On the nose: Prominent boubon notes! Rich and warm, nutty, toffee, furniture polish and honey. Good balance between sweet sugary notes and spicy cinnamon. With water the nose gets more velvety with raw vanilla and vanilla icecream.

On the palate: BOOM!! This is massive! Sweet and floral, cereals, quite spicy, pepper and a hint of bitter herbs -> Underberg. Getting a lot of the same notes with water added as well as a prominent and crisp maltyness. More herbal cough mixture/Underberg in the finish. Loong!

Frikkin’ amazing stuff! Such an entertaining malt to try, it never gets boring. I’m gonna have to track down more stuff from this distillery..

94/100 points

Thanks to Whiskymoro for the sample.

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