Whiskyreview #97 Yoichi 20yo 52%

Yoichi isjapan_yoi4 another Japanese single malt distillery owned by Nikka. It was founded by the “father of Japanese whisky” himself , Masataka Taketsuru,  back in 1934.

On the nose: Red Licorice, sweet, spicy – chinese five spice, garlic(?) and charred wood. Water makes it creamier on the nose with more nuttyness, honey and caramel. Really a good and interesting nose this..

On the palate: Ashy and malty. Lightly spiced with a pleasant amount of oak. Quite dry. Water brings out some salt, but it drowns easily with only a few drops of water. The finish has dark roasted coffee beans, dark orange chocolate, corn flakes and and candied almonds.

Interesting and very decent whisky, in my opinion. Classic Japanese, I guess you can say. I would love a bottle of this stuff in my cupboard. That being said, I would never pay £180 for it..

87/100 points

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