Whiskyreview #96 Eagle Rare 10yo Single Barrel 45%

erOnto some American stuff again – Eagle Rare is a single barrel whiskey distilled at Buffalo Trace distillery in Kentucky.

On the nose I’m getting dark caramel, kind of like burnt sugar. Some almonds, canned tropical fruits – peaches, plums and cloudberries. Vague solvent notes in the background. Water opens it up and adds a touch of sweet spearmint and wood.

On the palate: Rich and full! Fat, buttery toffee and moccafromage. Water brings out vanilla and more fruityness. Some burnt sugar here as well. The finish is sweet and long. Delicious! Hints of coconuts and burnt sugar(again).

FAB! Lovely bourbon, the spirit seem to have handled the relatively long aging process very well. If you want to try a darker, heavier and deeper bourbon, then this is for you.

It takes some water, but I prefer it neat.

88/100 points

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