Whiskyreview #95 Karuizawa 1981/Noh sherry cask #4676 58.6%

karuizawa_noh_1981_sherryAnother old single cask now from Karuizawa, this time a 31 year(1981-1912) old sherry matured malt. 186 bottles.

On the nose: Dark roast coffee beans, sweet desert wine, charcoal, sweet smoke, syrupy dark fruits, grilled- almost burnt meat and some vinegar acidity. Very clean and pure sherry influence.  With water I’m getting ink(tattoo-ink), wood, prunes, oranges and moist pipe-tobacco.

On the palate: Big! Alcohol and chocolate. Quite sweet initially.. Marzipan and plumjam. Dries the mouth after a coupple of sips. Water brings out more spicyness and cloudberries+cream. The finish has more plumjam, more marzipan, more coffee as well as some mocca and bitter lime notes.

Fantastic whisky as usual! It’s so different than anything else I’ve tried, it’s hard to describe. Still, I catch myself wondering if my brain is just being fooled by the hype that Karuizawa is. I hope not, I tend to be more critical towards hyped up, expensive, old and rare bottlings just to make sure I’m not being mesmerized by the rarity of what is in the glass.

That being said, this is amzing whisky. No one can argue with that.

93/100 points

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