Whiskyreview #94 Karuizawa ‘Asama’ 46%

Karuizawa now, but no old single cask this time. This is a vatting Karuizawa-11-years-Asama-1999-2000-Multivintage.4796aof sherry matured whisky from 1999 and 2000.

On the nose: Chocolate and dust, spices and old furniture. Very, very rich! Thick and concentrated sherry. Big curry notes after a while.. like a big pot of boiling, spicy curry. With water – creamy vanilla, herbs(coriander and bay leaves I think), mild pepper and green tea.

On the palate: Lovely spices, very creamy.. with a dusty feel to it. Some leather notes. Water makes it fall apart a bit and it loses some of its edge. Still getting some pepper and bitter espresso. Getting ash and camphors in the finish, bitter chocolate as well.. even some salt when you add water.

Truely a good whisky compared to what you pay – complex and exciting. It’s not in the same league as the single casks of course but I didn’t expect it to be. I think the nose of this is absolutely fantastic(25/25), the palate on the other hand, is good, but has its weaknesses.

88/100 points

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