Whiskyreview #93 Bruichladdich 2002 (for Jon Bertelsen) 46%

bruichladdich_2002This is a limited release dedicated to Jon Bertelsen, bottled exclusively for the norwegian market. The label doesn’t carry an age statement but according to Jon Bertelsens homepage it has spent 10 years on bourbon casks.

On the nose: Cheddar, seasalt and light peatsmoke. Citrus, pistachio nuts and crisp cereals. Water brings out more creamy cheese notes.. even some sparkling wine.

On the palate: Crisp and salt, ripe fruits – green apples, lemons and pears. Some smokiness here as well, kind of lile what I imagine burnt rotten wood to taste like. More apples and bitter wax with water. In the finish I’m getting bitter salt – salt water, lemons and orange peel and some burnt rubber.

Lovely Laddie as always. After some time in the glass though I’m finding burnt rubber. It’s still very crisp and clean, but the rubber is throwing me a bit off.

85/100 points

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