Whiskyreview #91 Linkwood 1995 (Signatory) 43%

Another double cask bottling now(is that even a whisky 6000000000681_XLterm?), this one from Linkwood distillery(cask #650 and #651). Distilled 30.01.1995 and bottled(by Signatory) 22.05.2012.

On the nose: Mayonnaise(!).. never found that in a whisky before! It’s not bad though. Furthermore I’m getting sweet cereals, red berries, malt, corn flakes.. no, frosties! Some floral oak is also starting to appear. Water brings out coconuts, milkchocolate and beeswax. The coconut and chocolate mix actually reminds me of Bounty.

On the palate: Sweet oak, syrup, pink gum and dried fruits. Lovely. With water I’m getting green apples and grass. That being said, I don’t think water is necessary for this one. It needs the edge the 43% gives it. In the finish I’m getting pink gum again(hubba-bubba) and sweet wood. Even a hint of red licorice.

A very interesting and different whisky. The ‘pink gum’ notes are really funky.. I’m not sure if I like them or not.

84/100 points

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