Whiskyreview #90 Aberfeldy 17yo ‘Flora and Fauna’ 62%

This bottling from the highland distillery, Aberfeldy,aber is one of the few cask strength expressions in the Flora and Fauna series at a raging 62ABV. Distilled in 1980, and bottling in 1997.

On the nose: Sweet, light spices, sawdust, bark and strong alcohol(obviously). Water brings out grainy notes. Almost metallic. Smells like wet grass and wet clothes. Even some sesame seeds.

On the palate: Clean, big and crisp. Very green tasting with bitter limes and musli. Has a lovely mouthfeel. With water it becomes more floral and herbal. Green tea and spiced honey can be found as well as green woody notes… kind of like chewing on a twig. A lot of this on the finish as well. It’s long and green, but goes bitter after a while.

Not super complex stuff, but very clean and delicious. I’m guessing you’d get sick of the green twig flavour though, if you had a full bottle of this. Other than that, it’s a lovely dram.

84/100 points

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