Whiskyreview #87 Campbeltown Loch 40%

campbeltown-lochNow onto another blended scotch, this time from J&A Mitchell – the owners of Springbank distillery. Aged no less than five years, this blend contains both Springbank and the slighlty peatier expression from the same distillery, Longrow.

On the nose: Sweet and fruity, cookie dough, orangejuice, crisp with traces of peatsmoke(or should I say Longrow?). There’s a salt seabreeze as well. With water I’m getting pipetobacco. It gets greener in a way with more grass and herbs. Also some burnt rubber.

On the palate: Quite sweet initially, burnt bitter wood after a while. Grass, salt and peat. Water brings out more smoke, pepper and citrus. The finish has dry, sour smoke and feels a bit thicker than your avarage blend.

This is a very decent blend, where I’m guessing they’ve been quite generous as far as malt whisky goes – and it shows, especially in the mouthfeel.

79/100 points

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