Whiskyreview #84 Cardhu 12yo 40%

Cardhu, located in speyside, is not a whisky I’vecarob_12yov1 tried(or even heard much of) before which might have something to do with the fact that it’s main market is more in the southern parts of Europe and not up here in the cold north. Also, Cardhu single malt whisky is one of the main ingredients in Johnny Walker black label.

On the nose: Canned cherries, light spices, very sweet.. has kind of an artificial syrupy sweetness to it. Furthermore I’m getting strawberry sweets and red berry liqueur. Water brings out coconut milk, corn with melted butter and a hint of rosewater.

On the palate: Cherries here as well with a hint of sherry. Very sweet.. some cinnamon in the background. Water flattens it out a bit but brings out citrus notes and replaces the intense sweetness with a more balanced taste profile.. Makes it a little dustier. The finish reminds me of Big Red(the chewinggum) with it’s distinctive cherry and cinnamon notes. Even getting some hints of red licorice.

I found the big cherrynotes interesting, even though they were a little over the top. Other than that, it’s a boring malt.

76/100 points

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