Whiskyreview #83 Chivas Regal 12yo 40%

blend_chi1A quite famous 12 year old blended scotch whisky this time, from the Chivas Brothers.

On the nose: Light and citric with a mild fruityness – a little sweeter than I remembered it to be. Quite thin.. getting vague notes of smoke and salt. With water added there’s traces of camphor and vanilla.

On the palate: Flat and thin – nothing unpleasant though, just a massive lack of personality. Getting some citrus here as well with hints of wet grass. It already tastes like it’s watered down(35%’ish) but as I reluctantly add a drop of water I’m actually getting hints of salt peanuts and chocolate. Finishwise it’s sweet and short with with a grainy feel to it.

It has a decent nose this, but like I said, it already tastes like it’s watered down even lower than 40% before you add water and so all in all it’s just a very pale and flat whisky. I remember liking this one more the last time I tried it, probably the batch variations that’s messing with my head.

74/100 points



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