Whiskyreview #82 Ardbeg ‘Uigeadail’ 54.2%

uggiUigeadail is the name of the lake from which Ardbeg distillery draws it’s water. In gaelic it means ”dark and mysterious place”. The Uigeadail is a vatting of whisky from bourbon barrels and sherry butts, bottled at cask strength for our enjoyment.

On the nose: Smooth peatsmoke with sweet toffee notes. I’m getting prunes, raisins, candied almonds, earth, salt nuts and oranges. Subtle herbal notes can be found in the background with a hint of licorice. With water: sour tobacco, burnt cardboard, more cask, still quite salt and wet ash.

On the palate: Sharp, big and thick. Sherry speaks loudly through the smokyness. Getting cloves  and oranges. Water brings out dark chocolate, coffee and pecan nuts. Smoother with water. The finish is dry and long with tobaccosmoke, prunes, raisins, nuts and dark chocolate. Very, very smooth. Makes you crave your next sip.

An all time favourite! Ardbeg and wine casks is always a winner in my opinion, whether it be manzanilla, marsala or madeira.

93/100 points

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