Whiskyreview #80 Glenfiddich 12yo 40%

gfdob_12yoI don’t think this classic speysider even needs an introduction. This is the most selling scotch single malt whisky in the world, and for a good reason too.

On the nose: Light and sweet tropical fruits – especially pears and pineapples. Some freshly cut grass as well..  Very subtle hint of raisins and spices in the background. With water more creamyness is revealed as well as vanilla notes and sweet woody notes.

On the palate: Easy, rounded, pleasant. Hints of citrus, sweet yet refreshing. Still quite fruity.. Once water is added I’m getting hints of oak, whipped cream and tea. More spices in the finish as well as burnt sugar.

This is very drinkable stuff that deserves a better reputation than it has amongst the maltsnobs.

82/100 points

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