Whiskyreview #73 Tobermory 17yo Single Cask(Master of Malt) 57%

tumblr_inline_mo8bx54Oy01qz4rgpThis is my first experience with the Tobermory distillery, located on the Isle of Mull. This whisky is drawn from a refill hogshead that gave 274 bottles. Distilled: 26th April, 1995. Bottled: 26th November, 2012.

Nose: Warm, light spicyness.. the alcohol stings the nose a bit. Getting hints of cloves and oranges. Very whisky-ey on the nose.  Minty chocolate in the background.. Water brings out citrus, and green notes – slighly floral and grassy. The nose is actually improving with water, more elegant and fullflavoured.

Palate: Juicy and mouthcovering, quite refreshing, sweet, almost herbal, leafy and grassy. More bitterness at 2nd sip.. Slightly oily. Bitter wood in the finish. With water – hints of grain?, more bitterness, thinner, still floral and citric, more bitter wood. In the finish I’m getting more wet and almost rotten wood, resin and salty notes.

Hmm, I like the nose on this one, but palatewise it falls apart. Getting too much bitter woody and grassy notes and it makes both the palate and the finish quite unbalanced, in my opinion. A bit dissapointing..

Not a bottle I would buy.

79/100 points

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