Whiskyreview #68 Brora 1975 Vintage 54.9%

Time for another closed distillery, and this timeimage I’ve tried whisky from the legendary distillery Brora, which was closed in 1983 like so many others. This specific bottling is a 20yo ’Rare Malts’ bottling by Diageo, bottled at cask strength. Let’s find out what all the fuss is about..

On the nose there’s a massive coastal, salty and smoky note. Behind all this there’s marzipan and subtle fruity notes.. Very fresh nose. With water I’m fining hairgel(?) as well as waxy, earthy and muddy notes. Peaches and cream and cream after a while. Delicious nose..

The palate on this one is super BIG! It’s fresh and crisp, very mineraly, peaty with sweet citric notes and acidic fruit like green apples and such. With water the citrus turns slightly bitter, still very clean, grassy and salt. The finish is massive and long, very earthy.. and it goes dusty and more bitter 10 seconds after you swallow.

There’s no way around it, this IS good whisky. And I’m not just saying that cus it’s rare and expensive, this is great stuff. Clean, well balanced and refreshing.

Gonna be a good score:

92/100 points

Thanks to Ragnhild for the sample and the picture!

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