Whiskyreview #67 Aberlour 12yo 40%

imageMy dad picked up this bottle at a dutyfree shop in Denmark recently, I also bought a bottle of this stuff a year ago in Turkey.. The only difference is that the bottle I bought was 43ABV but this one is watered down to 40ABV. I don’t like where we’e headed here people… Anyway, I’m gonna try not to let that effect the review I’m about to do. Her we go:

Nose: Dark stewed fruits and woody spices, banana toffee, banana chocolate. Raspberry camphors in the background.. some honey as well

Palate: Not sa heavyily sherried as I remembered the 43% to be – but pleasantly so. I’m finding beeswax and toffee. It’s quite light with fruity spices. The finish is drying with notes of prunes, lemon oil and lemonpepper.

I’m gonna skip adding water to this one as I have no faith in the fact that it will improve the experience..

This is easy drinking. It would of course benefit from a higher ABV, but maybe this is a good entry level sherried whisky for those of us that’s very unexperienced in the whisky landscape. Tastewise it’s all good, except a slight unbalanced note in the finish, but other than that – smooth stuff!

81/100 points

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