Whiskyreview #66 Benrinnes Batch 1 (TBWC) 48.9%

Time for another comicy indybottling fromimage That Boutique-y Whisky Company. The label features Pete Mcpeat and Jack Washback from Whiskyfun, discussing the distillation process at the Benrinnes distillery. I love these labels, but let’s not get carried away by how great they look..  what’s really important is whether or not the whisky inside the bottle can live up to the fantastic label? Let’s find out..

Nose: Sawdusty sherry, subtle hint of peat, stewed tropical fruits, cognac, beeswax(it almost reminds me of Burts Beeswax lip balm) and loads of figs. Water brings out chocolate, nutmeg, and a hint of coconut.. kinda lika a coconut liqueur.

Palate: Not as sherried as expected, grassy and herbal with hints of red licourice. With water I’m finding dates, prunes and basically more sherry than without the water. It’s dry yet oily. Is that pineapple juice I’m getting in the background? Anyway, the finish is waxy and honeyed with a hint of nutmeg. Medium length.

Great stuff, a different whisky in many aspects. The sherry notes combined with the grassy/herbal notes on the palate really works for me.

86/100 points

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