Whiskyreview #64 Glen Garioch ‘Founders Reserve’ 48%

imageThis time I’ve tried the Founders Reserve, a no age statement expression from Glen Garioch(pronounced glen geerie). Bottled at an impressing 48% alcohol and free from the burden of that dreadful chill-filtration.

On the nose I found a buttery vanilla note and some dusty and dry red wine. Quite subtle, not a very big nose thus far.. Some orange-chocolate after a while. With water it opens up a bit and I find toffee and caramelpudding as well as red apples and cherries.

On the palate, the first thing that strikes me is that it has an artificial sweetness to it. A bit harsh and young tasting.. Spicy! The artificial notes disappear once water is added, and paves the way for bitter wood, vanilla and lime.. or limejuice maybe.. or limepeel? The finish reminds me of spiced rum without the sweetness. It’s rather bitter and dry..

This one is definetily best served with a dash of cool water, but it’s still not a superb whisky in my opinion. All in all, it’s a decent malt that could use some extra years in the casks…  nothing more, nothing less.

78/100 points

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