Whiskyreview #63 Deanston 19yo Single Cask(Master of Malt) 53.4%

For this review, I’ve tried an independent bottling from the chaps at Master of Malt. The spirit has been matured in a refill hogshead from 16.december 1992 – 20.november 2012, so almost 20 years. 260 bottles were drawn from the cask.

On the nose: Sweet at frist sniff with baked pears. After Eight – chocolate and prominent minty notes, cooling. With water I’m finding malty sweetness with bitter  pinecone/pineneedle notes.

Palate: Fresh mint.. reminds me of mentos. Oaky, some perfume and lime. It’s almost like it reminds me of a mojito, with the mint, sweetness and citric notes all working together. With water it gets sweeter, and leaves you with a much more creamy mouthfeel. It’s fruitier as well, tropical fruits. With time, some dark bitter chocolate notes appear. The finish is long, with more pinecones, pineneedles and resin.

Very fun stuff to try, the amount of mintyness in this is something I’ve never found in a whisky before. It’s not overpowering though, just very different than anything else. I’d be happy to recommend this to anyone who wants to try something a bit different, as it’s decently priced as well(£59.95 at Master of Malt)

88/100 points

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