Whiskyreview #61 Bladnoch 20yo 55.9%

imageDistilled 09.11.1992, Bottled 14.12.2012

On the nose: Slightly spicy sweetness, red fruits and honey. Subtle earthy/peaty note in the background. Water makes it more nutty and the spices become more prominent. Allspice, wet and rotten wood, fresh bread and malt.

On the palate: Warm, with a slightly alcoholic sting. Well balanced sweetness, oily, dry wood. Water brings out more bitterness and spices, as well as a burnt sugary note. Very malty. The finish is a slightly bitter, dry and fruity. Good length.

Interesting, the nose improves once water is added, but the palate is best without water added as water basically made the bitter woodyness too dominating.

Very good whisky though to drink neat, even at 55.9ABV.

87/100 points

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