Whiskyreview #60 Kilkerran ‘Work In Progress 3’ 46%

This is the third release(there is four, so far),kilkerran-work-in-progress from the Springbank owned distillery, Glengyle that was reopened in 2004. It’s about 7 years of age, and serves as a foretaste of what is to come when the whisky reaches it’s maturity(probably at 12 years old).

On the nose: Citrus, green and floral. Vanilla- and licoricefudge and some fresh menthol. There’s a dry sherry note in the background as well that increases a bit once water is added. Getting coconut liquer now.. and spicy woody notes.

The arrival on the palate is slow and subtle, has a very gentle and natural sweetness to it. Sawdust, resin, lemongrass and grapefruit after a few minutes. With water the fruit becomes more prominent, but it’s almost like a rotten fruity note.. kinda bitter. There’s dark chocolate and almonds and in the finish I’m getting bitter woody notes, that lingers quite a bit.

My additional comments would have to be that this is very crisp whisky, and surprisingly smooth for it’s age. It doesn’t have a big personality(yet), and leaves you with the feeling that you’ve had this before. But it’s in no way bad stuff, I liked it a lot and I’m looking forward to try the other WIP’s as well as the 12 year old.

85/100 points

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