Whiskyreview #53 Johnnie Walker ‘Red Label’ 40%

I will quote my fellow whiskyblogger, Håvard, onimage this one as he reviewed it recently as well: “I don’t think this whisky really needs an introduction”. There’s not a single soul that hasn’t come across a bottle of this in one way or another in their(adult) lifetime. Whether it’s been on a whiskytasting, in a liquor store or in a bar(I’m sure you can find find a bottle of this stuff in pretty much every single bar in the world). After all, it is the most selling scotch whisky in the world.

Nose: Red overripe apples, light smoke in the background and oranges. Quite sweet, milk chocolate notes maybe? A very standard blend nose, in my opinion. Water brings out canned peaches with cream. Subtle peat and earthy notes, still with prominent orange notes.

Palate: Less than expected from the nose. Some smoke, a little licourice and sweet fruits. Very thin on the palate, not a lot of character. There’s nothing wrong with it though, it just doesn’t taste much. Water makes it less smokey, and the grainy notes become more prominent. Some lemongrass, maybe? The finish is slightly sour and bitter. Rather short.

The nose is quite decent, the taste and finish is a bit boring. It’s just very pale and undefined, a crowdpleaser I guess you can call it. To me, this is a bit boring, as there’s nothing happening in the glass over time. But it works as a starter I guess, prior to drinking more complex whiskies.

76/100 points

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