Whiskyreview #52 Lagavulin 16yo 43%

The Islay representative in the “classic malts” range by Diageo. A peatbeast indeed, but at 16 years old it might be a rounder peatbeast than most of its entry-level cousins around Islay which are bottled at 10 or 12 years old. Let’s find out..

Nose: Sweet pipetobacco, earthy smoke, some tropical fruits like pineapples and lychee. Water brings out some salty, fishy, seaside notes. Smooth forestberries appears with whipped cream. Leather after a while..

Palate: Reminds me a bit of Laphroaig, but it’s very different. This is more fruity and vegetal. It’s sweet and smoky, but not as raw and brutal as the other entry-level malts from Islay. With water added, the smoke gets a little bit less “in your face”, and more subtle and in the background. Salt is more prominent, less sweetness. Finish turns a bit bitter with typical Islay characteristics like tary ropes and seasalt. There’s still sweetness though.. Very enjoyable.

This’ll definetily give you bang for your buck. Truely a great whisky, one of my favourite allrounders in fact.

90/100 points

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