Whiskyreview #51 Rosebank 20yo (OMC) 50%

Time for another malt from a closed distillery, this time I’m gonna review Rosebank, which was part of the lowlands region before the distillery was closed in 1993. This is indeed a much sought after whisky, especially the Flora and Fauna bottlings which are getting harder and harder to track down. The bottling I’m about to review is bottled by Douglas Laing as an Old Malt Cask. It has been matured in a single refill butt from Feb. 1990 – Nov. 2010, that gave 449 bottles in total.

Cask #6815

Nose: Crisp and spicy, baked apples with cinnamon. Some green grapes, fresh green fruits. Water brings out green, acidic apples and sweet honey.

Palate: Lovely, sweet and malty. Green fruityness more prominent than on the nose. Quite crisp and fresh tasting, considering the age. Guess it has to with the cask being a refill. I don’t mind though.. Water opens it up and makes all the flavours more prominent. Subtle spicyness appears after a while as well. Finish is fantastic and has good length, with warming spices and wet mouthfeel.

I was kind of disappointed when I first bought this bottle, having paid quite a lot of money for it, but it’s really growing on me and I think it’s fabulous stuff now, as I’ve worked my way through the bottle. A real tragedy that this distillery was closed.

91/100 points

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