Whiskyreview #50 Jameson Irish Whiskey 40%

Standard, available stuff from the Midleton distillery in Ireland.

Nose: Sweet, quite thick and rounded, with hints of honey,wood, heather and some grassy notes. I find kiwi and red apples, very fruity on the nose. Some orangechocolate after a while.

Palate: Fruity sorbet, kiwi, sweet citric notes and burnt candied almonds. Some spicy notes as well. I won’t bother adding water to this, I can tell it’s gonna drown easily, as it’s allready watered down to 40abv. The finish is sweet and rather short.

I like this whiskey, very drinkable stuff, allthough it would benefit from a higher ABV, but that goes for most whiskys. Very clean and smooth.

80/100 points


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