Whiskyreview #49 Talisker 57° North 57%

Cask strength stuff from the Isleimage of Skye, with a name that derives from the actual placement of the distillery. It carries no age statement, but has been matured exclusively in refilled american oak casks. It was first released in dutyfree shops, but I’m pretty sure you can get your hands on a bottle in most whisky retail shops now a days.

Nose: spicy vanilla, sweet peatsmoke, salt and honey. A spicy sweetness, but not very ‘in your face’. I find classic seaside notes like tar, ropes and seaweed. Water brings out notes of freshpressed orange juice or celementines with some salt. Smoke settles down a bit, and gives room for some round citric and fruity notes.

The palate has a sweet arrival with spiced honey. Very warming. Surprisingly smooth and palatable at such a high ABV. Spicy and prickly in the mouth. Peatsmoke is not overpowering, but quite prominent with coastal seaside notes. Water really opens this one up and makes it quite delicious. Clean and honest peated whisky. Sweet and salt smoke with burnt fish notes and some fantastic citric notes. Dusty and earty mouthfeel in the finish that dries the mouth.

I was truly surprised and impressed by this one, as I had been reading some bad reviews of it. I love the mouthfeel, especially with water added.

88 – 89ish/100 points

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