Whiskyreview #44 Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky 45%

We’re headed to Japan again,image and this time I’m gonna try a single grain whisky from one of Nikkas distilleries, Miyagikyo(don’t ask me how to pronounce it). The fact that it’s called coffey grain whisky, has nothing to do with coffee as we know it but has to do with the type of still used for destillation, the coffey still, which was invented by Aeneas Coffey in the 1830’s. This distillery is rather traditional when it comes to choice of grain. While most modern grain distilleries rely on wheat, the Miyagikyo distillery uses corn which was the traditional grain to use in grain whiskies back in the days.

Anyway, let’s see what it tastes like..

On the nose: Crisp and sweet. Crusli, tea and kiwi. Very light and fresh.. reminds me of acacia honey and greek yoghurt. Prominent acidity, the kind you(or at least I) can only find in grain whiskys. Water brings out some spices but makes it smoother in a way that I didn’t care for too much. The crispyness dissapeares.

On the palate: Still sweet but with some bitterness as you swallow. Crisp, with green apples and lemonade. Burnt and candied almonds coming through in the finish.

Water doesn’t do anything for this one. It just dulls the tastes that are already there. Don’t add water.

Good and fun whisky to try! Looking forward to try the cask strength edition..

87/100 points


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