Whiskyreview #39 Tomatin 15yo 43%

On the nose it’s sweet and malty.image I find red apples, anis and sugarcoated grains, kind of like honeycorn. Some spearmint in the background? Chewing gum maybe. Vanilla, in the form of panacotta. With water, honey is coming through with some light spices. All in all it’s very light, fresh and fruity on the nose. It kinda smells healthy almost.

On the palate it’s still very light, fresh and floral. Some grassy and citric notes. I also find refreshing menthol in the background. With water, some creamy notes appear. Bitterness in the finish.

Water doesn’t do much for this one, if anything I think it drowns it.

Allthough I feel like I’ve tried this before, I really enjoy it. It’s not a challenging malt but that’s okay, we need easydrinking every now and then.

84/100 points

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