Whiskyreview #37 Connemara ‘Peated’ 40%

imageAnother review, this time it’s an Irish single malt, distilled at Cooley distillery. As far as I know, this is the only peated Irish whiskey being produced, and it’s not triple distilled like most Irish whiskeys, but double distilled.

Nose: pink bubblegum at first sniff. Fruity peatsmoke, very sweet with hints of gummybears. This smells like burning candy. Vanilla, brittle and resin. Quite fruity, but the only fruit I can actually recognise is mango. Even has a hint of tomato sauce/puree after a while, but all in all very sweet nose. Tastewise I find dark chocolate, like a big chocolate cake with the frosting and everything. Sweet peatmoke is in the background. Sesame seeds, licourice, nougat and some grainy notes eventhough it’s a single malt. This one does not need water.

Very drinkable stuff, and fun to try. It would definitely benefit from a higher ABV.


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