Whiskyreview #36 Talisker ‘Storm’ 45.8%

imageI was fortunate engough to get to try this at Trondheim Whiskyfestival last week. This is a new expression from Talisker, released early 2013. I’ve heard alot about it and it’s supposed to be quite similar to the 10yo, only with more spice and smoke. It has no age statement.

Nose: Salt and sweet coastal at first sniff. Smokey notes, the kind you can only find in Talisker. White pepper, whipped cream and some berries, cloudberries I think. Pickled cucumbers and mild apple cider.

Palate: Quite sweet with smokey meaty notes. Brine, march water and some ash. Hints of boiled veggies after some time, with ryebread and onions. The spicyness appears now, getting hints of garlic and chili. Almost like a spicy sausage. Very delicious indeed.

Since it’s probably been over a year since I’ve tried the 10yo, it’s hard for me to compare the two. What I do know is that this is very good and interesting whisky and I will truly consider buying a 70cl of this. The palate is fantastic, when you get the spices coming through. Less peatsmoke than I expected.

87/100 points

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