Whiskyreview #27 Balcones ‘True Blue’ 50%

This is a quite historical distillery, founded by Chip Tate inimage 2008(I think), it is the first Texan whiskydistillery since prohibition. This specific whisky is made from 100% corn, and the “trueblue”- name comes from the type of corn they use, blue corn.

Nose: Wow! This is something different. Very, very sweet. But in a very different way than scotch whiskies are sweet. This is what I imagine distilled maplesyrup to taste like. There’s hints of buttery caramel, ‘plastic cheese’, red apples and sweet bacon. With water, more creamy creme brulee, some stewed fruit and the sweetness of burnt paprika. Small hint of coconutmilk in the background.

Palate: Still getting that very prominent maplesyrup note. Heather honey, tastes a bit fresh/young, more caramel sweetness. Hints of peanuts after a while. With water, candied almonds, more peanuts. Even some peanutbutter. Very chewy mouthfeel. Burnt  sugar in the finish.

Very different than anything else, well worth a try.

87/100 points

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