Whiskyreview #24 Caol Ila 25yo 58.4%

An official 25 year old cask strength bottling fromimage the most producind distillery on Islay.

Distilled: 1979, bottled: 2005

Nose: chlorine, sweet and sharp barbeque smoke, citrus and currants. There’s some kind of chemical note here that I can’t quite wrap my head around. Gasleak? Battery acid? Washer fluid? Not very pleasant. Some tobacco after a while and hints of green/yellow paprika. The “gasleak” disappears a bit, once you’ve added water. Hints of vanilla and kiwi. Red berries and cantaloupe. Water improves the experience.

Palate: Fanta orange(!), sweet but very subtle peatsmoke, lemon and even some chives. With water, I find bitter grass, fried fish, some green grapes. There’s also some kind of sharp metallic note that ruins it a bit for me. Hints of salt. I find this whisky to be a bit unbalanced, and I’m rather dissapointed. The 12yo is less than half the price but so much better. It does improve with time, but still I don’t think it’s that great of a malt. Or at least not what I expected.

Decent stuff, but not worth the cash you pay IMHO.

83/100 points


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