Whiskyreview #23 Cragganmore 14yo(Duncan Taylor) 46%

Distilled: 1997, bottled: 2011

A 14 year old singlecask bottling(my imageguess, refill-bourbon cask) from the NC2-range by Duncan Taylor. NC2 meaning no colour, no chillfiltration.

Nose: very sweet, light and fresh with prominent honey notes. A bit floral, almost smells like a greenhouse. Some white chocolate and buttery notes. With water added(you don’t need more than half a teaspoon),  fruity notes appear. Mango, coconuts, applecider and bananas, maybe even some bananacandy? Hints of maplesyrup and some soap.
On the palate: Honeycorn, still sweet and floral. Hints of grass and popcorn. Some cranberries. With water, a very gentle nutty note appears. Still very sweet and light. Finish has some traces of bitterness, pickled mangoes and salt. Medium length.
Not very complex stuff. Even for a speysider, I do find this a bit too sweet. But it’s very decent stuff, honest and natural. Good summerdram.
86/100 points
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