Whiskyreview #22 Ardbeg ‘Lord of the Isles’ 46%

This is a 25 year old ardbeg, that’s no longerabgob_25yo being bottled. Let’s find out if that’s a good thing or not.

Nose: Sweet smoke, seabreeze, toffifee, quite fruity with hints of hay/dry grass. Really has an earthyness to it. With water(one teaspoon is plenty, by the way) I find whipped cream and vanilla. There’s peatsmoke(obviously), stewed fruit, resin and mud. Some lime yoghurt as well.

On the palate there’s woody smoke, cigar, grapefruit(quite bitter) and lots of oak. Adding water makes it even more bitter. Very dry this, with a very prominent raw licourice note. A bit spicy in the finish, with hints of peppermint. Still very dry, medium length.

Good whisky, but no lifechanger.

88/100 points

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