Whiskyreview #21 Ardbeg ‘Supernova’ 58.9%

Supernova, is one of the peatiest single malt whiskies there is with a phenol level at around 100ppm. The only malt I know that has a higher ppm is Octomore that’s being distilled at Bruichladdich distillery. Let’s see what this rockstar has to offer..

Nose: Surprisingly, the first thing I recogniseimage on the nose is not the peatsmoke, but salt licourice. Then the peatsmoke hits you. It’s not overwhelming, quite pleasant actually. Mild note of rubber is also prominent. Hard to find anything else at the moment, as I’m being slighty numbed by the alcohol content. With a good dash of water,  a fruityness is starting to appear. Oranges, tar, rope, fish on a bonfire and dark chocolate(the 80% cocoa stuff). After a while pistachio nuts is starting to appear with hints of creamcheese, christmasy incense and ash.

Palate: Salt, a wild burst of peatsmoke, still very pleasant. This doesn’t taste like a 58.9abv malt, quite mild with hints of honey. With the addition of water it gets a bit saltier and the smoke is deeper and warmer in a way. There’s hints of toffee and dark chocolate, some bitter grass. Really dry and bitter finish. Not too long.

89/100 points

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