Whiskyreview #20 Karuizawa 1982/Noh cask #8529 58.8%

Distilled: 1982, bottled: 2012

This is a bottling by Number imageOne Drinks of a 29 year old single bourboncask bottling from the smallest distillery(150.000 litres of spirit a year) in Japan, located next to the volcanic mountain Asama. Founded in 1955 and closed in 2000. Rumour has it that this is fantastic stuff so I’m excited to try this.

Nose, without water: ripe, sugary plums, spicy toffee and soysauce. Alcohol is a bit numbing, but I also find hints of canned corn. With water, more sweet woody notes coming through. Warm ginger and peppery notes. There’s also a very, very subtle hint of brine in it. Vanilla, baked pears and chillipepper.

On the palate, wow, this is delicious! There’s nuts, roasted pine nuts and liquerfilled chocolate. With the addition of water it becomes smoother with more custard/vanilla sauce, hot spices and bitter wood. Hints of heather and pine needles, and no I’ve never actually tasted heather, nor pine needles, but this is what I imagine it to taste like. The finish of is actually the best part of this whisky I think. It’s long and sweet, but turns bitter with rotten/bitter wood, green apples and honey.

Glorious stuff indeed!

94/100 points

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