Whiskyreview #102 Pe5 – Elements of Islay 57.9%

Yet another Element of Islay, this timeelem_pe5 I’ve gotten the opportunity to sample Speciality Drinks’ fifth batch of Port Ellen.

On the nose: Rich and ashy peatsmoke. Some citrus and spearmint lurking in the background as well as fried fish.. actually it’s more like burnt fish on a bonfire. With water it smells creamier with more green notes.

On the palate: Oily mouthfeel with a rich orange confectionary note as well as a blast of peatsmoke. Mint and green acidic fruits can be found once you’ve added water.

Finish: More orange sweets, some oak and a fading smokyness. Some sultanas and raisins as well. Dried fruits in general, really.. A lot of fresh minty notes once water is added.

Gorgeous, end of story!

95/100 points

Thanks to Whiskymoro for the sample!

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