Whiskyreview #101 Robert Burns Single Malt 40%

ROBERTTime for another review, this time I’ve had a go at a bottling from Arran distillery that celebrates the scottich poet, Robert Burns. Supposedly he was very fond of whisky.. Anyway, this is a no-age-statment whisky and you can really tell by looking at it, it’s even paler than your avarage white wine.

On the nose: Crisp citrus, very fresh and juicy. Green apples and pears. A tiny drop of water brings out vanilla, lime and cereal notes.

On the palate: Refreshing stuff.. Getting a lot of the same stuff as on the nose – fresh fruits, citrus and a hint of vanilla. Lovely, juicy mouthfeel. Water makes the mouthfeel a bit dustier and opens up for something that reminds me of a zezty cheesecake. Green apples and grass in the finish.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much when I poured me a glass of this. I’d read some(a lot of) bad reviews that really brought my expectations down to a minimum. I guess this proves once again that when it comes to liking whisky, it’s all very subjective. Sure, it’s not the most complex whisky and it’s in no way flawless, but I kind of liked it. It’s crisp, refreshing and quite enjoyable.

84/100 points

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