Whisky Review #69 Auchroisk 10yo ‘Flora and Fauna’ 43%

It’s time for another whiskyreview, and this time I’ve tried another Auchroisk. And let’s just say this bottling has a lot to live up to as my last dram of Auchroisk was absolutley magic. This was, until the 20 year old appeared on the market a few years ago, the only official bottling of Auchroisk.

On the nose: fresh arrival, a bit sawdust and some sweet fruityness. Water brings out(and I’m not trying to be too obscure and farfetchd here) dragonfruit(!), as well as fresh leaves and fruit-tea.. very green nose. Getting some acasie honey as well.

On the palate: Light and grainy, cereal, a well balanced sweetness and some gooseberries. Water opens it up and it becomes fruitier, not as light as before. Quite grassy.. Same goes for the finish. Light and sweet fruits, a bit drying.

This is best served with a drop of water, it really brings the palate to life allthough the finish flattens out a bit. It’s good whisky.. not big whisky, but good whisky.. some might call it a bit boring, perhaps.

83/100 points

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