Whisky Review #47 Bowmore ‘Tempest’ Batch 4 10yo 55.1%

Off to Islay we go, this is the fourthimage release in Bowmore’s Tempest serie and has been matured in firstfill-bourbon casks for a minimum of ten years, before being married together and bottled at cask strength.


I got my wife to join in on the tasting on this one, here’s some of her tasting notes:

Nose: Sharp alcohol, resin, peatsmoke and hints of dandelion. With water added: heather, hay and some fruityness – apples and oranges.

Palate: salt, licourice, warming mouthfeel, sweet yet bitter and quite floral.

And here’s my tasting notes: On the nose, not very big at first sniff, just very sharp due to the high abv. I find hints of moccachocolate and coffeebeans as well as peatsmoke lurking in the background. After a while some vegetal notes appear accompanied by a soysauce/oystersauce note I often find in wok-dishes. Orange chocolate is also coming through after a while. With water, it’s softer(obviously) and creamier and the orange chocolate becomes more prominent. There’s citric notes as well as that traditional Bowmore peatyness. Some red berries.

On the palate: Sharp alcohol, still getting wok spices. Crisp and chocolaty peatsmoke. Water makes it sweeter and less spicy with warming honey notes and something I can’t quite figure out in the finish, I like it though. It’s sweet yet drying. Don’t know how to describe it..

88/100 points

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