Whisky Review #46 Glenrothes ‘95 vintage 43%

Another speysider, this time from the Glenrothes distillery.1

Distilled: 1995, bottled: 2012

Nose: buttery toffee, thick caramel sauce, sweet syrup and some ice cream. Dried fruits in the background with some furniture leather. Water brings out vanilla and soapy notes. It also makes the toffee smell more artificial in a way.

Palate: slow arrival but as it builds up I find toffee and tropical fruits.. tropical juice maybe? Pipetobacco is also there after a while, and it get’s more and more prominent if you add water. Some leather as well. Finish has toffee as well as a bitter dusty note. Not too long.

Decent stuff! If you’re into sweet whiskys, this is for you. It’s almost like drinking liquid caramel. It did not need water, drowns easily.

Wouldn’t buy a full bottle, but I’m glad I tried it..

81/100 points

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