Whisky Review #127 Leviathan II American Peated Single Malt 53%

This is a special one. Lost Spirits is a small craftlevi distillery based in Salinas, California that produces single malt whisky peated to the raging level of 110ppm. But we all now how unreliable a ppm measuring is when it comes to anticipating the actual taste of a whisky. Anyway, this is a single cask bottling, bottled at cask strength. Matured about 4 years in an ex-semillon wine cask.

On the nose: Wet wool, burnt hair, burnt plastic and chinese chocolate tea(yes, it excists!). Hmm, this is very weird stuff.! Hints of wax and… piss on a bonfire? I’m sorry, but that’s what I’m getting right now.

On the palate: Leather, smoke and vegetables. More wet wool again.. Bitter in a way. Tobacco and ash, like an old half-smoked cigar that’s been re-lit after 3 weeks in the ashtray. Rotten vegetables in the finish..

Wow, I had high hopes for this one but I’m sad to say I almost found this whisky undrinkable! It’s not that it’s boring or anything, it just tastes awful. It doesn’t even taste like whisky..

52/100 points

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