Whisky Review #126 Dad’s Hat Pennsylvania Rye (Vermouth finish) 47%

Okay, so I bought this bottle at a liqour store when visitingdads Pennsylvania a couple of weeks ago. This is a rye whiskey distilled at the Grundy Mill distillery in Bristol, PA using local rye in the mash. It spent 6 months in virgin oak quarter casks and then 3 months in sweet vermouth casks from Quady Winery before being bottled. Jolly good! Now let’s find out what it’s like..

Bottled: +/-2013

On the nose: Wow! Thick, sweet, sticky and chewy cereals. Burnt rubber, black pepper, an old man’s cologne(?) and a shitload of herbs. Very thick on the nose. Dust and burnt wood with water, sawdust and bitter herbs. A hint of spearmint.

On the palate: Salt, rubber, licorice and burnt sugar! Dandelion leaves.. Hmm, this is very different from anything else I’ve tried, but I like it. Is that smoke I’m getting in the background? Sweeter with water, more wine. Ash and burnt wood also. Sweet wine in the finish, with a very prominent charred oak feel to it.

One of the most entertaining whiskies I’ve tried. Thank you, Grundy Mill distillery, for making this!

90/00 points

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