Whisky Review #121 Glen Moray 1991 (Svenska Eldvatten) 57,5%

Another Glen Moray now, this time from a swedish IB –????????? Svenska Eldvatten(swedish firewater). The whisky was drawn from a single bourbon hogshead(#162112) in 2013 that gave 270 bottles in total.

On the nose: Sweet and fruity. Oranges and mango.. yes, definately mangos. Getting hints of sugarcoated cereals as well, like Frosties or Honey Corn. Dusty wood in the background. Some honey and fruit liqueure with water, as well as the scent of a freshly cracked coconut.

On the palate: Big.. pretty big at least. Quite mouthcovering. Very floral initially, but I’m getting more woody notes at the second sip. Furthermore I’m getting pink grapefruits and some dusty notes. Water makes the bitter citric notes dissappear and it all becomes more fruity and syrupy. Wait, it’s still quite bitter in the finish. Fruity bitterness, almost herbal.

A refreshing, fruity and floral Glen Moray. Best with a drop of water.

89/100 points

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