Whisky Review #119 W.L. Weller ‘Special Reserve’ 45%

wellerSo this is a Kentucky straight bourbon named after William Larue Weller – a Kentucky distiller from back in the days who supposedly was the first distiller that prodused straight bourbon using wheat as an ingredient instead of rye, as well as corn of course. W.L. Weller is distilled at Buffalo Trace distillery.

Bottled: +/-2013

On the nose: Sweet caramel and vanilla, clean and pleasant. Some milkchocolate. More caramel with time but it does not get sickening. Water brings out metallic notes, sort of sour in a way. Applepie in the background minus the cinnamon.

On the palate: Classic bourbon initially. Sweet camphor, herbal mint and a hint of gingerbread in the background. More sour, metallic notes compared to other wheated bourbons I’ve tried. Water brings out a subtle, yet very delicious, spicy note. The finish has herbal cough mixture(similar to Ricola) and more camphor sweets. Medium length.

Okey, so I was recommended this whiskey by a friend, as I seemed to have a thing for wheated bourbons(especially Maker’s Mark), but to be honest I was slightly dissapointed. The cold and sour, metallic notes are messing with my tastebuds and I can’t seem to shake them off. Other than that this is good stuff I think, especially with a drop of water and some time in the glass.

84/100 points

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