Whisky Review #115 Kilkerran ‘Work in Progress 2′ 46%

klkob_non2This is the second WIP bottling from Glengyle distillery, a 6 year old malt, that was released june 2010.

On the nose: Salt, a bit spicy, big peaty notes – not a lot of smoke though. Very “Springbanky”. Getting oranges/orangejuice and cloves now, as well as wood and green olives. More herbs with water, icy mint and rocket salad. A bit vegetal.

On the palate: Tingly wood spices, herbs, salty peat here as well.. a little earthy. More minerals with water, smoothens it out a bit. The finish is a bit drying with some lemon and peppery wood.

Decent stuff! I mostly use this whisky as a starter, before drinking heavier and more complex whiskies, to warm up the palate. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad whisky on it’s own though, I quite like it to be honest.

81/100 points

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