Whisky Review #114 SMWS 125.66 ‘Fruity sweetness and floral perfumes’ 59.7%

Distilled the 23 of january 1996, thisbilde 2 SMWS bottling is a 6 year old Glenmorangie that was drawn from a 1st fill bourbon cask that gave in total 249 bottles.

On the nose: Oh, it’s ‘morangie allright. Fresh and sweet initially, with hints of pears. Floral and summery. Lemon sorbet and vanilla(creme brulee, panacotta ect.). Fantastic! More and more vanilla coming through when given time. Grassier and more herbal notes with water.

On the palate: The ABV is a bit numbing. Not superbig on flavours either, but it is fruity and citric. More and more so, after a while. Pretty similar to the Original OB, only on steroids. Adding a drop of water reveals that it’s quite a young whisky we’re talking about. Some harshness in the background, still fruity though. Finish: Sweet, yet with a hint of bitter grass/herbs.

Believe it or not, this is best without water – even at almost 60%. I absolutely adore the nose on this one, it’s perfect. But tastewise it’s a little dull and could definately use a few extra years in the cask.

85/100 points

(Thanks to Johan!)

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