Whisky Review #112 Laphroaig 7yo ‘Dr.Jekyll’s Expression’ 54.5%

Another Laphroaig now. This is a quite rare bottlinglapp from this distillery as it’s exclusively bottled for Dr.Jekylls pub in Oslo. It’s matured 4 years in an ex-bourbon barrel and then another 3 years in a Pedro Ximenez hogshead from warehouse 9.

On the nose: Smoky and medicinal. Redwine, dark berries, menthol, winegums, seasalt and loads of peat. More smoke and a hint of licoris with water.

On the palate: Heavy and dry peatsmoke. Burnt fish on a bonfire, still very salt and medicinal with a hint of seaweed. More salt and tobacco with water. A hint of sweetness in the finish, some toffee and smoky seaweed.

Classic Laphroaig with a drier feel to the palate than usual and a more prominent sherry note on the nose. All good stuff.

87/100 points

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