Whisky Review #111 Bulleit Kentucky Straight Bourbon 40%

brbon_bul1Time for some American spirit again, this time from the Four Roses distillery.

On the nose: Toffee.. no, artificial toffee. Glue, thick maplesyrup, corn on the cob covered in butter, fir, gingerbread, milkchocolate and coconuts. Loads of coconuts actually. Water brings out icing sugar, fructose and ‘vannbakkels’. Some of the gluey and artificial notes disappears as well..

On the palate: Still a little artificial, I think. Getting baked red apples and cardamom. More coconuts with water. Finish: Superglue, toffee and more superglue. It’s throwing me a bit off, to be honest.

Not a super good experience, but not a super bad experience either. A very mediocre bourbon in my opinion. Not a big fan of glue in my whiskey, though.

77/100 points

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