Whisky Review #110 Arran 10yo 46%

Now onto the youngest malt in Arran’s core range.arrob_10yov1

On the nose: Seasalt, citrus, honey and oystersauce/noodles(!?). Quite Delicious though. Oranges and raisins coming through after a while. Water brings out leather, dust and gooseberries. Lovely nose this.

On the palate: Salt and citric, sweet and a bit spicy. A little rough in the edges, but nothing to worry about. Fruity earth and peat after a while. Pretty simple, not a whole lot going on here. More fruityness with water. The finish is this whisky’s weakness in my opinion, allthough it has good attributes as well, I think it’s a bit rough and young tasting. Quite bitter when given time.. like bitter lemonade.

Lovely nose on this one, but palate- and finishwise there’s plenty of room for improvement. I also believe I’ve tried better bottles/batches of this whisky before.

83/100 points

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